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“Too much”?

So, a friend asked me if I thought I took on too many projects.  I immediately thought of the 40+ projects logged in my project list and answered with an emphatic “YES!”  She asked how I could change that … and I was confounded.  Why would I want to do that?  I figured, so long as I got some things done, it was ok…  I still don’t see this as a major problem. Even when I’ve decided to go to Washington tomorrow to buy a used industrial serger.

And even when I went and got an old treadle table so I could use my Elna Grasshopper with the burnt out motor.  grasshopper

And especially when the treadle table is pretty cool, but really decrepit and in need of repairs…

So, that’s at least three new projects.  It’s a good thing I haven’t officially finished the “Optimize the Craft Room” project, because I’m going to have to do some fancy rearranging to get both of those things in there and would have to consider that a ‘new’ project, too…


Camp box: Complete!

So, I finally finished my camp box enough to put stuff in it!  I still would like to put a vinyl top on the primary work surface and get/make some little shelves/drawers, but figure I’ll do that when I a) plan another camping trip and b) have some extra funds that aren’t needed for my automatic cat feeder.  Here are some pix!

This is as far as I got in my woodshop class – milled and cut the wood out (with many mistakes) and initially assembled.  In this picture you can see that the screws are the steel/zinc (?) ones. This photo is in my craft room, after moving from Beaverton. I’d had those things in my car since January..

pieces of the camp box

Now we’re at the Davis’ Compound Wood Shop where I have finished cutting and assembling my inner box.  After I had it all dry assembled, I took it apart, glued the pieces down and used pretty brass screws.

inner box assemled

Here is the whole-y assembled box. This is what you’ll take out of your car.

whole box

Slide the outer frame off and place where you want your cooking station to be.


Slide the sides off the inner box …


… and place them where you’d like. Here, one is set on top of the outer frame as a side-counter, and one as a bottom shelf.

more sides

Then place your inner box on top of the outer frame and – wa-la! – you have access to all your cooking gear with room to work!


Winter Woodshop Class

I finally finished my stool, and am still in the process of completing my campbox.  I had planned to work on it this Saturday, but a family tradgedy has put that on hold.  Perhaps Sunday if I am up for it…  So here are my pictures of my stool!

the stool parts

Stool pieces ready to assemble.

red stool

Finished red stool - ready for standing or sitting!

Don’t worry – I know exactly how funny it is that I’m talking about my stool…