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Still RepRap-ing!

Welp, I’ve been devoting most of my time recently to the RepRap.  Have I shared that webpage, yet?  Here it is (again?):  prototype 3d printer.

I’ve also been procrastinating by steam cleaning most surfaces in my house and creating a spreadsheet of my patterns which is accessible through an app on my phone and google docs.  The app on my phone includes a photo of the cover, so I can look for what I want on my phone and not have to dig through all my patterns … although the patterns aren’t in any sort of order (YET!!) so, there will be digging happening anyway.  But I could do that at the store before I bought more, so that’s awesome.

Oh … and I should admit, despite how much I’d rather not: spending lots and lots of time playing Animal Crossing.  I never realized there were so many ways to organize and sort things in this game!! I’ve almost earned a “Perfect Town” status and then I’m cutting down trees and replanting based on value and proximity to the store …   Hrumph, excuse me! I’m getting a bit too excited about that.

I’ve had an order for two pairs of footies so I will work on those this Friday and I’ve decided to just sew up all the rest of the fleece I have into random sizes.  Any extra fleece will become hats and scarves for gifts or cheap sale in my Etsy store.  And then NO MORE.  Unless its for friends.

Getting that link reminds me how far away I’ve gotten from the original point of that store … all I’m doing now is trying to sell the random stuff I make and I need to actually work on a crazy motorized costume!!


Two quickies!

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, so I whipped up some new height charts. Lighting is bad, so it’s hard to see that the colors are dark brown and fuchsia.

And, we’ve been wanting curtains, so I utilitarianly sewed up some expanses of purple faux suede and hung them up.

all told: an hour and a half!

It’s arrived! 10/09/10

Warren and I went to Vancouver on the 6th and I bought this lovely industrial brother serger – what a great deal! And I made a good contact.  Ryan seemed to be both knowledgeable and personable … he said he may be able to help me fix or replace the motor in my Elna!

So here’s the serger all threaded and ready to go!

Now I need to cut out a bunch of footed pjs, get more thread, and get goin! 😀    It has made my Craft Room Optimization Operation more challenging, though.  That and the treadle table!  Not much room to move, anymore… (imagine the treadle table between the serger and the white table.)

In unrelated news, I have collected the pieces I need to hack my servo for continuous rotation. Now I just need some time to fire up the soldering gun and do the hacking!

“Too much”?

So, a friend asked me if I thought I took on too many projects.  I immediately thought of the 40+ projects logged in my project list and answered with an emphatic “YES!”  She asked how I could change that … and I was confounded.  Why would I want to do that?  I figured, so long as I got some things done, it was ok…  I still don’t see this as a major problem. Even when I’ve decided to go to Washington tomorrow to buy a used industrial serger.

And even when I went and got an old treadle table so I could use my Elna Grasshopper with the burnt out motor.  grasshopper

And especially when the treadle table is pretty cool, but really decrepit and in need of repairs…

So, that’s at least three new projects.  It’s a good thing I haven’t officially finished the “Optimize the Craft Room” project, because I’m going to have to do some fancy rearranging to get both of those things in there and would have to consider that a ‘new’ project, too…

1950’s red dress

Saddly, I have already altered this dress once to fit my smaller size and need to do it AGAIN! SHEESH!

But, it’s pretty awesome. This is the first dress I made using my duct-tape body double and it fit perfectly (at the time).  Since then, I’ve donated the double to Fat Fancy (an awesome resale store in Portland) and am waiting until I get to my “optimal” weight and can maintain that for a while before I build another one…

SO! Here are some finished pictures of it!

Here I am in my Red Dress!

with apron

Spur-of-the-moment Fairy Costume

This was a fun, spontaneous costume! The girl I made it for had a beautiful leather mask with opalescent colors to it, so we went down to the local fabric store and picked out fabric.  She wasn’t really interested in flowers, or butterflies, or ruffles, lace, etc. So, to give the costume some vibrancy we seleceted three fabrics which I pieced together before sewing the garment. She loved it!


Putting the fabric together to make each pattern piece


Putting the garment together


I like how this shot shows all the layers

Current craft room and sundries

So, it’s still not completely organized, but the main furniture is in place and its even more workable … but there’s a long way to go.  Part of my plan to get there is to finish some projects that have been hanging around for years!!!  ARG!

But, first, I needed to make some curtains for the living room.  There are already those roller shades, but they block out most of the light and I’ve never gotten along well with their type.  Also, I like light and want more in the house, but I want to feel secure walking from my bedroom to the bathroom that I won’t scar someone.  That, and W doesn’t want people scoping out our technology.  SO: Curtains!

BUT, but! I noticed as I was sewing the tab curtains – the easiest curtains to make! – I found myself getting angry.  ANGRY!  Was it the fabric, slippery as it is?  Perhaps the sewing machine, with gnarling bobbin thread?  No, and no… it was while IRONING!  Hm, ironing a flat piece of fabric should be calming and pleasant, yes?  Normally, but in this case the ironing board cover kept flipping up onto the ironing board and shifting around and just making a nuisance of its self. So, now I suddenly have a new project that I felt compelled to start and complete RIGHT THEN.

CURTAINS:  I used some old curtains that warren had, cut them up, threw out the lining and pleating, hemed the edges and sewed on some grosgrain ribbon as tabs. Easy!

Old curtain

Original curtain I cut up and made new ones from.

new curtain

clean and breezy!

IRONING BOARD COVER:  I wanted the cover to NOT MOVE while I ironed, so I used grommets to tightly lace it.  A few items of note…  I bought Soft and Natural batting for the padding, but I washed it and it destroyed it.  I was embarassed and already spent money and wasn’t going to spend any more money, so I used pieces from some old sheets (visible on the chair) and cut out eight layers of fabric which I sewed along the top edge to keep them together instead.  Turned out very nice actually – dense and sturdy!  I also laced it up wrong the first time.  You can’t open the board up when the laces criss cross in the tapered bit, so the next picture shows the final lacing.  And then there’s the final board! Boring, but sturdy, clean and effective! Yay!


Lacing up the ironing board wrong.

correct lacing

Fixed the lacing


Ready to use! Nice!