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Google conundrum

Google used to be such a great package.  I am not as happy with it anymore, though – especially since they are tying everything (specifically Picasa Web) into Google +.

I have met my photo data limit and, if I want to add any more pictures without paying their monthly fee, I need to delete some photos. But some of those albums have copious notes with the photos. A brief search reveals no solutions to this.  :/

I guess I can copy each comment caption to a text file and put it in the folder with the photos, but sheesh … it took lots of time to put those comments in in the first place, so that’s even more work now.

And on top of that, I get a warning that some of the photos are linked to a blog (mainly this one) and they will no longer show up in that blog now that they are deleted. Although those changes won’t show up for 24 hours.  I’m sure it’s very much true if those images were used on a Google Site (which is where my Epic Summer Cross Country Train Trip notes are) … so here’s the flip side to the benefits of such an integrated system. :/

UPDATE: Yup … the photos no longer link up in my posts here.  So there’s another time sink …  Blerg.


Quick tablet post

Previous posts have explored my penchant for technological fiddling.  Tonight I am simultaneously testing two new apps for my Acer Iconia tablet: the wordpress app and a typing app called Float and Split Tablet Keyboard.

Float and Split Tablet Keyboard
Since I hated the default qwerty keyboard, I decided to play with the 3rd party apps available, but first I had to recognize what I didn’t like about the default. 1) to type effectively I needed a place to set the tablet down or pick with one finger, 2) I felt switching to the symbol keyboard was awkward, 3) it took up too much space.


I found this app that has a variety of keyboard settings. At first, I really liked the two, separated split keyboards that floated over what I was working on, but after a while I’ve drifted to the stationary split keyboard with the number pad in the middle.  So far this is improving my journaling experience.

WordPress app
So far straightforward and a bit easier to type and edit in than the desktop version. I haven’t posted any photos yet, so here goes!es!



Picking a photo from the gallery was easy,  but trying to go and insert a break after the text is a pain. You think you’ve put you’re cursor where the break will go, hit enter, and the break happens somewhere else. Trying to go back and delete out characters trying to fix it, is difficult without possibly deleting the photo.  Horizontal alignment doesn’t appear to do anything while you’re composing. Going back and putting the photo online after the fact is much easier! I haven’t found a way to wrap text around photos yet… And now I’m going to insert a photo taken right now…


Awww… sleeping baby..  So, that seemed to work well! And now its time to get ready for his 6am meal!

Editing after publishing is easier than new entry or on the desktop! Mostly. Because the photos are just the html tag, so its easier to work around or with them! Sweet!




As I’m planning for my Around-the-Country-Train-Trip I’ve been thinking about how I want to document it. I have just downloaded an app for my phone to update my wordpress blog, so this is my first test of it! 🙂

…So, I might go to this plant sale. (Pic from phone gallery).

And I know two kitties who will be very unhappy with me while I’m gone! (Taken a new photo through the app).

I’m not sure how these photos are going to be placed in the post… guess we’ll find out soon!

To dos

I need lots of external strategies to support my executive functioning: calendars, clocks, lists, etc. I’m considering my current method of ‘To Do’ tracking.

For a long time I just used a spreadsheet. Then I explored Google Tasks and couldn’t get access to it on my iMate and then on my G1. So I tried the phone app Astrid which I didn’t like because I couldn’t access it on my pc. I started using Remember the Milk to get that pc access which would sync with Astrid, but that syncing is not working well right now. The other thing I’d really like in a to do list is the opportunity to select the to do item and immediately put it in my Calendar. So, for example, I review my to do list and decide “I’m ready to work on the MAME!” I can click on “MAME” in the to do list and it’ll automatically put it in my calendar (MAME Janary 9 @ 2pm), and then when I’m done click ‘done’ and it’ll update the end time of the event.  Because I’m OC (not disordered) and I like to keep track of what I do with my days and how much time I devote to my projects. Or, so I could schedule working on a specific project later in the week or month, without having to enter in a brand new event. I’d like to be able to look at the item in the to do list and see all the calendar events listed with a totaled time shown. AND, I want to be able to edit from the pc and phone easily and upload lists (specifically from RTM). I’m not demanding! 😀  I found an app called “note me” that will paste an event to the calendar from the note, but it’s not so much a to do list and I can’t access it on the pc or upload from RTM, so I’m not so pleased with it yet.

I’ve been exploring the Google App Inventor, but I am coming to think this type of app is way beyond me…

Anyway, just a random thought as I delay going downstairs where I will play Dance Central for a while. And then maybe I’ll crochet some more. or work on my cat feeder.