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To dos

I need lots of external strategies to support my executive functioning: calendars, clocks, lists, etc. I’m considering my current method of ‘To Do’ tracking.

For a long time I just used a spreadsheet. Then I explored Google Tasks and couldn’t get access to it on my iMate and then on my G1. So I tried the phone app Astrid which I didn’t like because I couldn’t access it on my pc. I started using Remember the Milk to get that pc access which would sync with Astrid, but that syncing is not working well right now. The other thing I’d really like in a to do list is the opportunity to select the to do item and immediately put it in my Calendar. So, for example, I review my to do list and decide “I’m ready to work on the MAME!” I can click on “MAME” in the to do list and it’ll automatically put it in my calendar (MAME Janary 9 @ 2pm), and then when I’m done click ‘done’ and it’ll update the end time of the event.  Because I’m OC (not disordered) and I like to keep track of what I do with my days and how much time I devote to my projects. Or, so I could schedule working on a specific project later in the week or month, without having to enter in a brand new event. I’d like to be able to look at the item in the to do list and see all the calendar events listed with a totaled time shown. AND, I want to be able to edit from the pc and phone easily and upload lists (specifically from RTM). I’m not demanding! 😀  I found an app called “note me” that will paste an event to the calendar from the note, but it’s not so much a to do list and I can’t access it on the pc or upload from RTM, so I’m not so pleased with it yet.

I’ve been exploring the Google App Inventor, but I am coming to think this type of app is way beyond me…

Anyway, just a random thought as I delay going downstairs where I will play Dance Central for a while. And then maybe I’ll crochet some more. or work on my cat feeder.