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Glass flowers

So, my cousin gave me these cool glass flowers.  But I’ve never known what to do with them.  I embellished some jars (earlier post) and with the ‘left overs’ I decided to try to make a set of jewelry.  This is what I’ve got so far.

The long series of chain and single flowers will be a necklace, the short series with flowers wrapped close to the chain will be a bracelet and the two single flowers will be earrings.

You can see some extra leaves and clumps of ‘berries’ I may incorporate.

I was going to attach these large hooped chains to smaller chains at the end, but they flopped around badly, so I went back and got more of this flat chain.

I’ve added some leaves to the necklace chain.

I like the earrings – which are kind of hard to see here.  But I don’t like the necklace very much.  Is that just because I don’t personally like lots of dangling things? Or is it too much? What might make it better?

This is what I have left over. I don’t generally like the berry things, but I do like how the light makes them glow.  How to encorporate them?

I also thought I could use some extras to make barrettes.



Two quickies!

I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow, so I whipped up some new height charts. Lighting is bad, so it’s hard to see that the colors are dark brown and fuchsia.

And, we’ve been wanting curtains, so I utilitarianly sewed up some expanses of purple faux suede and hung them up.

all told: an hour and a half!

W’s birthday Jayne Cob hat

W’s birthday was coming up and I decided to make him a Jayne Cob hat!  It took me a couple of evenings, but I did it! Here’s a couple pictures of it done with me and my milkshake mixer as a models …  I think you can check out my Picasa photos for all the pictures, here.