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1950’s red dress

Saddly, I have already altered this dress once to fit my smaller size and need to do it AGAIN! SHEESH!

But, it’s pretty awesome. This is the first dress I made using my duct-tape body double and it fit perfectly (at the time).  Since then, I’ve donated the double to Fat Fancy (an awesome resale store in Portland) and am waiting until I get to my “optimal” weight and can maintain that for a while before I build another one…

SO! Here are some finished pictures of it!

Here I am in my Red Dress!

with apron


Winter coat, revisited

So, I finally finished the coat – enough to wear anyway… It looks great, feels oh, so warm, and gets many compliments! 😀 Yay!

If I ever have so much time that I can’t think of anything else to do – which, being laid up on the couch with a hurt knee may be considered one of those times, but I’m not bored enough – I may sew more vines on it. But its wearable and therefore, done enough.

Wearing my coat!

Wearing my coat with my 1950's dress and crinoline underneath.

Coat hanging on the wall.

Here's the coat hanging on the wall.

Coat back.

Coat back.

Close up of flower.

Close up of flower.

Multiple project update 112909

Ack! So much going on…  I’ve commited to completing four things by the end of the year:

1) Steampunk miniseries script.  I finished typing out my outline last night and have asked a couple of people to review it for gapping plot holes.  I’m kind of afraid it’ll be really boring for them, but it seems interesting to me.  Sadly, I can see myself reflected in the main character and I’ve always found that annoying in other people’s writing.  I’m hoping by encouraging more collaboration among friends that we’ll remove that blatant reflection and turn her into her own person. After I hear back from them and make changes, I’ll have to turn it into an actual script.

2) Business Plan.  I’m nearly finished with my primary rough draft based on a magazine article I read a few months ago.  Then I’ll go through it referencing a book that I’ve found usefull and add anything else that seems helpful.

3) Reference photos for web page and Steampunk miniseries.  I enjoy this athestic and am going to base my webpage on this anachronistic style. Warren needs some photos to help him see what I’m thinking of so he can build the page.  He also suggested I provide photos to the group as they work on the script so they can get an idea of the mood that I’m shooting for in the series.

4) Red dress photo shoot. This is a fun 1950’s era dress that I made for myself.  It’s the first dress I fitted using my duct-tape body double and it turned out so nice!  I actually like it and wear it! But now we need to take some pictures for the web page and in preparation for a rainy-day project I’d like to do soon…

SPEAKING of other projects… Here are some other things that I want to do:

5) Crochet gauntlets and hooded scarf. I bought a bunch of yarn and need to get these made – it’s cold enough!

6) Rainy-day project. My friend is going to dress in a 1950’s milk-man’s outfit and carry a crate with single-serve milk boxes while I wear my red dress and we pass out home-made cookies to people on the MAX. Covert photos to document the memory and/or arrest. I won’t be SELLING anthying, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen…

7) A friend’s bride’s maid dress. The wedding is January 1st. She (the bride’s maid) is pregnant and getting bigger, so I’m putting the sewing off as long as possible before the wedding… a tight balance!

8) Pattern drafting. I have drafted a lovely hip-block that I’m using to make perfectly fitted garments.  Skirts are good for me right now because they are simple and are easier to refit since I’m loosing so much weight (50 pounds so far!).  I need to hurry and draft a pants pattern based on it before I loose much more weight, though, to make sure I know how the process works. I’ll have to do the whole thing over again when I reach my goal, but I figure a couple pairs of pants will be nice, since all of my pants are falling off!

Phew – lots to do!