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Robin’s bird mobile

I started this while Robin was in the hospital.  With a few tweeks, I made these based on local native birds.  Here are some photos!


Western Robin


Western Meadowloark


Red Wing Blackbird


Western Blue Bird


Western Tanager


Dark Eyed Junko


Black Caped Chickadee


All for size comparison.  While they aren’t true-to-life size, they are sized relatively.

I’m having the pattern tested now and hope to have it available in my etsy store soon!

Google conundrum

Google used to be such a great package.  I am not as happy with it anymore, though – especially since they are tying everything (specifically Picasa Web) into Google +.

I have met my photo data limit and, if I want to add any more pictures without paying their monthly fee, I need to delete some photos. But some of those albums have copious notes with the photos. A brief search reveals no solutions to this.  :/

I guess I can copy each comment caption to a text file and put it in the folder with the photos, but sheesh … it took lots of time to put those comments in in the first place, so that’s even more work now.

And on top of that, I get a warning that some of the photos are linked to a blog (mainly this one) and they will no longer show up in that blog now that they are deleted. Although those changes won’t show up for 24 hours.  I’m sure it’s very much true if those images were used on a Google Site (which is where my Epic Summer Cross Country Train Trip notes are) … so here’s the flip side to the benefits of such an integrated system. :/

UPDATE: Yup … the photos no longer link up in my posts here.  So there’s another time sink …  Blerg.