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Leather Wallet

I made a leather wallet for my hubby!  He used a toy ray gun as inspiration and drew a couple images that I transferred to the leather.


I found out later that I was doing this wrong, but it worked for what I was doing right now.


I wish I had read more about diluting they dye, but too late now!!


I guess he gets lots of comments and compliments, so that works.  My favorite is the moon with it’s craters. I do wish the dyes weren’t $8 each, I might have gotten one more, but I couldn’t see spendig that for just a couple touches of color.



Flash diffuser

I saw on Pinterest someone had used Styrofoam bowls as diffusers on their camera. So, after a meal with Styrofoam  take out boxes, I made one for my little Sony.

Drew around the lens onto scrap paper, cut out a hole:


Testing the scrap on the lens – looks good:

2013-03-14 13.09.07


Transfer hoe to Styrofoam:


Cut that out and tested on camera:

2013-03-14 13.14.40

Random photo with no diffuser:


Diffuser cut out and on camera:

2013-03-14 13.18.22

Random photo with diffuser:


Now, to try it on people!!

Spinning lamp attempt

I wanted one of those lamps that spin around and cast light against the wall (like the lantern in Sleepy Hollow), but I didn’t like anything I saw online so I decided to make my own.

Bought a lamp at Goodwill:

2012-08-23 10.46.56

Took it apart:

2012-08-23 10.52.12

Put it back together with the light directly against the base:

2012-08-24 13.51.32Made a top with vents to allow for spinning:

First try-


Second try, which worked (this photo does not have the vents cut).  I also found that I couldn’t screw it down like one might do with a normal lamp shade. Instead, I taped a thumb tack to the vent and balanced the pin tip on the lampshade post-



Made a shade out of foamie. I thought paper would be too flammable and any metal would get too hot and burn little fingers-



This turned out to also be a poor choice – the foamie got hot, soft, and smelly with in seconds of the light being turned on, it was too heavy for the spinning action to happen, and light did not show on the walls in clear shapes (the rocket was too big and the bottom needed to be enclosed).

And, by now I have gotten tired and bored with this project, so it’s going to Goodwill!






Google conundrum

Google used to be such a great package.  I am not as happy with it anymore, though – especially since they are tying everything (specifically Picasa Web) into Google +.

I have met my photo data limit and, if I want to add any more pictures without paying their monthly fee, I need to delete some photos. But some of those albums have copious notes with the photos. A brief search reveals no solutions to this.  :/

I guess I can copy each comment caption to a text file and put it in the folder with the photos, but sheesh … it took lots of time to put those comments in in the first place, so that’s even more work now.

And on top of that, I get a warning that some of the photos are linked to a blog (mainly this one) and they will no longer show up in that blog now that they are deleted. Although those changes won’t show up for 24 hours.  I’m sure it’s very much true if those images were used on a Google Site (which is where my Epic Summer Cross Country Train Trip notes are) … so here’s the flip side to the benefits of such an integrated system. :/

UPDATE: Yup … the photos no longer link up in my posts here.  So there’s another time sink …  Blerg.

Quick tablet post

Previous posts have explored my penchant for technological fiddling.  Tonight I am simultaneously testing two new apps for my Acer Iconia tablet: the wordpress app and a typing app called Float and Split Tablet Keyboard.

Float and Split Tablet Keyboard
Since I hated the default qwerty keyboard, I decided to play with the 3rd party apps available, but first I had to recognize what I didn’t like about the default. 1) to type effectively I needed a place to set the tablet down or pick with one finger, 2) I felt switching to the symbol keyboard was awkward, 3) it took up too much space.


I found this app that has a variety of keyboard settings. At first, I really liked the two, separated split keyboards that floated over what I was working on, but after a while I’ve drifted to the stationary split keyboard with the number pad in the middle.  So far this is improving my journaling experience.

WordPress app
So far straightforward and a bit easier to type and edit in than the desktop version. I haven’t posted any photos yet, so here goes!es!



Picking a photo from the gallery was easy,  but trying to go and insert a break after the text is a pain. You think you’ve put you’re cursor where the break will go, hit enter, and the break happens somewhere else. Trying to go back and delete out characters trying to fix it, is difficult without possibly deleting the photo.  Horizontal alignment doesn’t appear to do anything while you’re composing. Going back and putting the photo online after the fact is much easier! I haven’t found a way to wrap text around photos yet… And now I’m going to insert a photo taken right now…


Awww… sleeping baby..  So, that seemed to work well! And now its time to get ready for his 6am meal!

Editing after publishing is easier than new entry or on the desktop! Mostly. Because the photos are just the html tag, so its easier to work around or with them! Sweet!

Brief update!

Since my Epic Summer Cross Country Train Trip, I have finished a few projects – the two most important being my wedding and delivering our baby via c-section.  Here is a quick photo survey of some of the other projects:

2011 Time Travelers Ball Figurehead decoration (pre-paint)


Wow. WOW.

My last post was nine months ago!  Sure, I had a lot of things come up since then:

The 45 day Epic Summer Train Trip (which also still has a lot of back-posting that needs to be done)…

Being proposed to quickly after returning home and then quickly coordinating a wedding

Getting pregnant IMMEDIATELY after getting married…

Being a lazy pregnant lady and feeling overwhelmed with my day job…

I have done some projects, not nearly as many as I’d like, but finding a new sewing blog (Polka Dot Overload) has inspired me to get back into a) the sewing, etc and b) the blogging!  

Here’s a brief list of the projects I’ve finished since getting back from my trip and I will endeavor to write about each: Mounted my 1954 Elna to a treadle table, wedding stuff (my dress, sash, awards, banners), height charts, Time Traveler’s Ball figurehead, Civil War era dress, some footies, fleece scrap stuff, poly shrink jewelry, and a wire-crochet necklace.  

Current projects: MAME lighting (a wedding guest sent me instructions with photos on how I can fix the lighting, I just need to do it!), an articulation treatment android application, and working through all my sewing/craft UFOs.  The goal is to free up space in the craft room, then pick just a few types of projects to pursue and put the rest away in the attic or basement until we move and I can have a craft room again.  We’ll either need the room for our office stuff or for Sprout in the next year or so.

This week I altered a body double to maybe predict my fully pregnant shape so I could drape a knit cotton dress on it.  The next two projects will be to finish a snails trail pattern quilt and to sew the doll cloths my mother cut out when I was toddler (her job is to find the dolls she sewed to go with the cloths so we can put hair and cloths on them and give them to my kid!).