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MAME movement

After using Warren’s very handy flash to help map the buttons, I’ve assigned some buttons to the MAME software, hooked the computer up to the tv and hacked control panel and was able to load up the Golden Axe!

… I could only move up and left, but STILL … It’s getting nearly done!

Once I finish fixing the control mapping then it’ll be ready to be played.  I do have some pretty-fying I want to do:

  • Decorative/camouflaging plexiglass to hide the edges of the tv and monitor frame.
  • Light effects!
  • Bumping speakers!
  • Exchangeable control panels. Check out these three cool control panels I got at Burcham’s Metals in Albany! Some of the wires have been cut too close, but that’s the panel that won’t really fit on my cabinet, so that’s ok.  I’ll be able to use the buttons and joysticks!  I think 3 of them are eight directional joysticks!  O.o
  • Speaking of which, I need to identify which games can be played with only 4 directional joysticks, cause that’s what I have installed right now.

I have not forgotten the MAME! 20101105

I just spent 10 minutes on the computer that will be running the MAME in my arcade cabinet.  I was fortunate – when it loaded it said “your password has expired, give me a new one” and it had the old password already in the right field! So I didn’t have to remember it after all OR re-install windows – yay! And I was uber clever and made the password something I will NEVER forget!

So, that’s fixed!  The reason I brought the computer upstairs was to reinstall KeyboardTest, which I need to identify and fix the buttons that don’t work on my control panel and it had expired.  Now I’ve got it installed and am ready to take it back downstairs and fix those buttons! Yay!  Expect to see more on this SSSSOOOOOONNNNN!!!!

Random update

During a conversation with a friend about projects, I decided to try to reduce my focus. Instead of having 20 projects going on at once, I’d narrow it down to just a few and focus on those.

Obviously, the first thing I’m going to work on is the steampunk script.  I’ve got to finish that so I can shoot the stuff my roommate is going to be in before she moves to Japan.

Oh, yeah, and I need to finish those 5 skirts I started – I’m running out of things to wear!  So far I’ve sewn in all the darts and side seams and have finally put in 2.5 zippers. I just have to do the other 2.5 zippers and finish the hem and waist.

BUT! I’ve got to finish the camp box before my woodshop class is over.

And, the MAME is just sitting there and can’t even be used yet, so I should totally focus on THAT.

Plus, I just bought a nice vintage wool coat that actually fits me. There are a few moth holes, so I’m going to sew some ribbon embroidery over them and I want to get that done soon because it’s not going to be wool-coat-weather much longer.

And the quilts…

And the Lolita dress I REALLY want to sew….

It would be so cool if I could just quit going to this thing that takes up so much of my time!!  That would be bad, though, because money helps me live and stuff.

MAME today showed LIFE!!

So, Phil came over and finished installing the MAME drivers on the computer we’re using.  Success!  The image shows up on the tv, the driver works and games are visible and partly playable!  He spent some time mapping commands to the controls, although there are several buttons and joystick switches that aren’t working quite right.  Also, I didn’t realize that you need separate buttons for 1 or 2 player selection AND add coins for each player.  My job for this task is to install two more buttons (I’m thinking of adding switches behind the “coin” buttons with some LEDs to light them up).  Another task is to cut back some of the cabinet so the control board will sit nicely.  The joysticks stick out too far and don’t allow the board to lay flat.

Phil’s coming back maybe this weekend or next week with his voltimiter to try to find the problem with the malfunctioning buttons and joystick switches.  He’s also going to figure out what voltage is feeding the light bulbs so we can put the right ones up in the marquee.  I’d like to close that up and have the lights be functional soon.

I’d gotten some small computer speakers from Goodwill last night, but they did not work so I’ve got to take them back and get some others. That’s it for the MAME right now! Wahoo!

MAME key map for controls 112409


The key map

Key map

Now that the controls are ready, a lot of the MAME is out of my hands. My friend, Phil, was interested in setting up the computer to run the emulator. He’s decided to run Linux on the computer and has been trying to find something that will allow output to an old tv.  My other friend, Alex, has spent a lot of time finding games. He’d also mentioned to me that he’d map the emulator keyboard commands to match the buttons/joystick wiring.  I sent him this picture today so he’ll know which key is associated with which button.  I also took a few minutes and fixed the hole where the second joystick is going so it didn’t interfere with it anymore.  We’re just waiting for the computer stuff now and then we can test it!  Yay!


MAME: joysticks! 103109






I finished wiring the joystick bases and other buttons from the control panel to the keyboard board! Yay!  … Although, the hole through the wood is not quite big enough for the second one, so I have to take the box off the back, and grind the hole out a bit more before I can get the handle through.  AND… I haven’t tested them yet, so I don’t know if they work or not.  I’ll have to wait for Phil to come and bring his voltimeter.  I really should just get one for myself.   Phil also needs to finish working on the settings on the computer so it’ll work with the tv.  SO CLOSE!!

And then … the pretty-fying!

MAME: Final adjustment to the roller … for now?!

Ok, so I forgot to keep up on what I’ve done.  Once I bought some solder, I soldered the wires into the board!  It went so well – I’m a natural.  😀  And it’s ready to attache the buttons to the keyboard board. Yay!