Spinning lamp attempt

I wanted one of those lamps that spin around and cast light against the wall (like the lantern in Sleepy Hollow), but I didn’t like anything I saw online so I decided to make my own.

Bought a lamp at Goodwill:

2012-08-23 10.46.56

Took it apart:

2012-08-23 10.52.12

Put it back together with the light directly against the base:

2012-08-24 13.51.32Made a top with vents to allow for spinning:

First try-


Second try, which worked (this photo does not have the vents cut).  I also found that I couldn’t screw it down like one might do with a normal lamp shade. Instead, I taped a thumb tack to the vent and balanced the pin tip on the lampshade post-



Made a shade out of foamie. I thought paper would be too flammable and any metal would get too hot and burn little fingers-



This turned out to also be a poor choice – the foamie got hot, soft, and smelly with in seconds of the light being turned on, it was too heavy for the spinning action to happen, and light did not show on the walls in clear shapes (the rocket was too big and the bottom needed to be enclosed).

And, by now I have gotten tired and bored with this project, so it’s going to Goodwill!







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