Wow. WOW.

My last post was nine months ago!  Sure, I had a lot of things come up since then:

The 45 day Epic Summer Train Trip (which also still has a lot of back-posting that needs to be done)…

Being proposed to quickly after returning home and then quickly coordinating a wedding

Getting pregnant IMMEDIATELY after getting married…

Being a lazy pregnant lady and feeling overwhelmed with my day job…

I have done some projects, not nearly as many as I’d like, but finding a new sewing blog (Polka Dot Overload) has inspired me to get back into a) the sewing, etc and b) the blogging!  

Here’s a brief list of the projects I’ve finished since getting back from my trip and I will endeavor to write about each: Mounted my 1954 Elna to a treadle table, wedding stuff (my dress, sash, awards, banners), height charts, Time Traveler’s Ball figurehead, Civil War era dress, some footies, fleece scrap stuff, poly shrink jewelry, and a wire-crochet necklace.  

Current projects: MAME lighting (a wedding guest sent me instructions with photos on how I can fix the lighting, I just need to do it!), an articulation treatment android application, and working through all my sewing/craft UFOs.  The goal is to free up space in the craft room, then pick just a few types of projects to pursue and put the rest away in the attic or basement until we move and I can have a craft room again.  We’ll either need the room for our office stuff or for Sprout in the next year or so.

This week I altered a body double to maybe predict my fully pregnant shape so I could drape a knit cotton dress on it.  The next two projects will be to finish a snails trail pattern quilt and to sew the doll cloths my mother cut out when I was toddler (her job is to find the dolls she sewed to go with the cloths so we can put hair and cloths on them and give them to my kid!).

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