Still RepRap-ing!

Welp, I’ve been devoting most of my time recently to the RepRap.  Have I shared that webpage, yet?  Here it is (again?):  prototype 3d printer.

I’ve also been procrastinating by steam cleaning most surfaces in my house and creating a spreadsheet of my patterns which is accessible through an app on my phone and google docs.  The app on my phone includes a photo of the cover, so I can look for what I want on my phone and not have to dig through all my patterns … although the patterns aren’t in any sort of order (YET!!) so, there will be digging happening anyway.  But I could do that at the store before I bought more, so that’s awesome.

Oh … and I should admit, despite how much I’d rather not: spending lots and lots of time playing Animal Crossing.  I never realized there were so many ways to organize and sort things in this game!! I’ve almost earned a “Perfect Town” status and then I’m cutting down trees and replanting based on value and proximity to the store …   Hrumph, excuse me! I’m getting a bit too excited about that.

I’ve had an order for two pairs of footies so I will work on those this Friday and I’ve decided to just sew up all the rest of the fleece I have into random sizes.  Any extra fleece will become hats and scarves for gifts or cheap sale in my Etsy store.  And then NO MORE.  Unless its for friends.

Getting that link reminds me how far away I’ve gotten from the original point of that store … all I’m doing now is trying to sell the random stuff I make and I need to actually work on a crazy motorized costume!!

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  1. Posted by shelley on May 18, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Any project done is another victory.


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