MAME movement

After using Warren’s very handy flash to help map the buttons, I’ve assigned some buttons to the MAME software, hooked the computer up to the tv and hacked control panel and was able to load up the Golden Axe!

… I could only move up and left, but STILL … It’s getting nearly done!

Once I finish fixing the control mapping then it’ll be ready to be played.  I do have some pretty-fying I want to do:

  • Decorative/camouflaging plexiglass to hide the edges of the tv and monitor frame.
  • Light effects!
  • Bumping speakers!
  • Exchangeable control panels. Check out these three cool control panels I got at Burcham’s Metals in Albany! Some of the wires have been cut too close, but that’s the panel that won’t really fit on my cabinet, so that’s ok.  I’ll be able to use the buttons and joysticks!  I think 3 of them are eight directional joysticks!  O.o
  • Speaking of which, I need to identify which games can be played with only 4 directional joysticks, cause that’s what I have installed right now.

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