hurried summary!

I haven’t done much of anything these last two weeks!  Well, not craft related anyway – I’ve spent lots of time with family, which is great, just not productive.  😀

I completed some simple craft projects as gifts so last minute I didn’t take any pictures. They weren’t too exciting anyway, so it’s all good (felt flower pins and notebook covers).

I have made very little progress on the cat feeder – perhaps a half an hour of time total in actual physical progress and maybe two hours of pouty contemplation.  I poured some spheres for the center of the measuring/dispensing device which I have realized are about a 1/2 inch too small.  This evening I decided I will put a bunch of screws into the ball all over, spray it way spray foam, and carve/sand the spray foam down to the tops of the screws before I smear two coats of silicon caulking over the whole thing. If that works, I’ll make up a second one.

I saw some movies, decorated a tree and made some wreaths, painted a bowl, cleaned my house and my aunt’s house, and played a lot of Machinarium.  I also started a new project which is building a RepRap 3D printer with some people I met at the Beaver Bar Camp this summer.  I will post general things about it here, but plan on posting very detailed things somewhere else (not sure where, yet).  Here are a few pictures of some of the things I did.

Height Chart

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