Progress on the cat feeder 101310

I may have decided NOT to hack my servo.  After doing more reading, I’ve learned that when you hack it, you can’t specify how many degrees it turns. You can only change the rate with which it turns and in what direction.  I’m not sure if that will work well. I can imagine getting it to turn very slowly over a 15 minute time period and by adjusting the gears, change how far the dispenser is turned. OR, keeping the ability to specify how many degrees it turns.  I figure the next thing I need to do is get a way to start attaching gears and actually try it out. That, and buy an appliance timer.

So, tonight I used some very sophisticated and high-tech materials and tools to start that process. First, a very important thing I realized I should share with you all: my thinking head band.

Its a sparkly yellow flower!

Ok, then onto the working!  Here is a very sophisticated and high tech material for the grasping part of my turning gizmo.

Check out my precision measuring and marking skillz!

My very sophisticated and high tech precision tools.  I actually love my tin snips – they cut everything! … I wonder if they ever get dull?

I learned two things cutting these notches out: 1) the pvc pipe cutter breaks the plastic all the way to the end and 2) the tin snips work well, but don’t snip it closed at the end – you’ll get a small break.  Here is the notched graspy thingy!

Look! It fits! At first I thought I was going to drill a hole and glue in a shaft to which a gear would be attached, but now I think I’ll just find a big gear and just glue it to the bottom. I’m all about function here…

Actually… I am harboring fantasies of rebuilding the cat feeder when I know it works using brass and aluminum and the Steampunk aesthetic! Yay!

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