New craft room

I moved over a month ago and am slowly working my way to an organized and efficiently useful craftroom.  So far, I have it “servicable” which means I have a lot of shuffling to do for each project I want to work on, but I at least have space on my table.  I also took a couple nights to create a lovely fitted ironing board cover because I was getting way too frusterated while ironing new curtains for the living room.  PHEW! Here are some ‘before’ pictures with ‘current’ coming soon.  I’m hoping to have ‘finished’ pictures by the end of the month…

Messy craft room

Messy craft room

More mess

More mess

Even more!

Even more!


2 responses to this post.

  1. booyah. looking forward to “current” photos.

    strange urge to suggest INTERATIVE 3D MAP. so that everyone can find anything. no way I could justify that. just a weird urge. probably brought on by those photos.


  2. Posted by fairyguts on August 22, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    That would be pretty awesome! And if you want to do that, please feel free to do so! ;D
    I imagine having everything RFI’d with sensors on every box so that I can ask the computer where something is and the boxes will light up. (Shamelessly stolen idea from a book, Makers).


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