My winter coat… too late!?

I bought a 3/4 length vintage wool coat early last month, thinking I could tack some ribbon flowers over some moth holes and wear the coat for another month or two before it was too spring-y.  The coat is a burnt/rust orange which worked best with yellow, orange and begonia ribbons.  But the flower making has taken me a LOOONnnnngggg time.  I’ve gotten most of them made and then need to start sewing them and all the vining and leaves I’d like to the coat. Which will be another long process.

I think I may get to wear the coat for a week or two… If that!  And, if I meet my weight goals, it will be too big to wear next year, so I feel that my efforts are being wasted.  But, I tell myself, I can take the coat back to Fat Fancy (the FABULOUS store I got it from) and sell it for more than I bought it, so that’ll be good, right?

Here are some pix of my progress so far…

"Before" shot of coat

The black threads indicate moth holes.

Drawing of coat, front and back.

These are my plans of where to put the flowers and vines.

Coat front with flowers.

Tentative flower locations.

Coat back with flowers.

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