SteamLit update!

So, this is uber exciting for me!  After I finished the outline, Warren created a wiki page where we’re putting up lots of information about the story. 7 people have already volunteered to write episodes (only 4 left!) and one has already finished hers! Yay!

I’ve been researching cloths and taking a hat making class so I can make some super cool hats.  I’d originally set the story in 1874-ish, (just because there was a cool dress that was the height of fashion then that I wanted to make), but the later 1890’s hats are OUTRAGEOUS! They’re called “Titanic” because they are so huge and ornate.  That is appealing to me…  😀  I’m going to finish my little hat this weekend and will post pictures of the process and the finished product.

I picked a really pretty, fresh green corduroy to start with and am going to put a small, off center brim on the oval pillbox. I’m not sure how I’ll decorate it… I’m thinking of some brown velevet ribbons and some yellow/orange roses (to go with the roses I’m making for my wool coat – also to be finished this weekend! By golly!) but, I’ll have to wait and see…  Since I’m taking this class at PCC I’ll get a 10% discount at the Button (and Ribbon) Emporium – one of the greatest stores IN THE WORLD!!  They don’t have a webpage, so I can’t link you to it.  😦

And, in related news to the Steampunk movie, Alex has started working on a robot costume, but has been delayed due to lots of work.  I’m going to try to work on THAT this weekend, too…  check out his progress so far!

I am intimidating!
Alex in Robot Shell
Indeed, even from this angle...
Side-view of Alex in Robot Shell

A somewhat unrelated question for readers:  I’ve noticed that the pictures I’ve put in the blog are very small and I had decided not to link them to my picasa.  What would you prefer? Bigger pics? Links? Or are the little pictures enough to convey what I’m doing right now?

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