Steampunk outline

So, I have finished it! yay!

The outline for my steampunk video series ended up being 9 single spaced pages with 11 Chapters.  I’ve asked my friends to pick a chapter and write the script for it. So far I have three people who’ve committed to it and I hope several others will volunteer soon.

Tomorrow, at my weekly craft-night, I’ll be making ribbon roses to cover the moth holes on a sweet retro wool jacket I bought a couple weeks ago.  I need to get this done soon because there’s maybe only a month left of 3/4 length, wool jacket wearing weather… I also plan to work on my life timeline as well as the MAME, so we’ll see how much I actually get done. I will take pictures and share them, things are getting too text heavy here!

I am SO looking forward to a three day weekend at home… I plan to not get dressed much and do lots of projects!

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