MAME today showed LIFE!!

So, Phil came over and finished installing the MAME drivers on the computer we’re using.  Success!  The image shows up on the tv, the driver works and games are visible and partly playable!  He spent some time mapping commands to the controls, although there are several buttons and joystick switches that aren’t working quite right.  Also, I didn’t realize that you need separate buttons for 1 or 2 player selection AND add coins for each player.  My job for this task is to install two more buttons (I’m thinking of adding switches behind the “coin” buttons with some LEDs to light them up).  Another task is to cut back some of the cabinet so the control board will sit nicely.  The joysticks stick out too far and don’t allow the board to lay flat.

Phil’s coming back maybe this weekend or next week with his voltimiter to try to find the problem with the malfunctioning buttons and joystick switches.  He’s also going to figure out what voltage is feeding the light bulbs so we can put the right ones up in the marquee.  I’d like to close that up and have the lights be functional soon.

I’d gotten some small computer speakers from Goodwill last night, but they did not work so I’ve got to take them back and get some others. That’s it for the MAME right now! Wahoo!

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