EV insurance

Finally heard back from my insurance rep.  He said that all of the neighborhood vehicles with three wheels are insured as motorcycles, the factory manufactured hybrids and electrics are insured like any other car, and the ones that are converted can get liability insurance, but cannot get comprehnsive or collision coverage.  So, if I get in an accident, I can fix the other people’s car, but not my own.  He said it was because there’s no way for them to know what was put in my car to know what to replace.  Although, I think that’s silly, because they could just request complete pictures and part information and then verify it from the wreckage, but whatever

Sadly, I’ve decided to put the car off for a couple years yet…  It would be far too expensive for me to build one that could reliably get me to and from work at highway speeds.  But, I am thinking of moving or changing jobs, maybe it’ll work better for that.  Although, the fun of the puzzle of it is still compelling…

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