EV: preliminary research

So, I’ve decided to convert a gas powered car to electric.  I like the idea that I won’t have to be dependent on gas companies, and especially dependent on foreign countries to get around.  Eventually I’ll build a mud hut and make all my own power (sun, wind, or water) and will use it for my car, so I won’t be dependent on anybody for my necessaries.  I know, a little extreme in my need for independence.

Today I started looking at EV forums… OMG.  I am blown away with all the information out there!  There is so much to consider: which donor car to use, AC vs DV, what volt, what watt, what batteries, what motor, …  and they’re all very closely interconnected.  I feel like I either want to ignore all the info and find somebody that I can consider an “expert” and just do what they say, or research all the technology on every component excessively.

I also realized I don’t know what I’d need to do to get Oregon registration for it nor what my insurance will think about it.  I’m plan on calling them both tomorrow during business hours.

I’m a bit worried about all the batteries.  They’re very expensive and heavy.  But I’m mostly concerned because they have very caustic chemicals in them.  I can’t believe that they’re clean and easy to make or dispose of… Are toxic chemicals better than combustion by-products?

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  1. Posted by Warr on July 8, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    indeed, i’ve heard some say the rare materials needed for batteries are much harder on the environment (to make them, and then to dispose of them) and that this makes EVs worse than ICEs.

    of course i’ve never seen both sides sit down and work it out. here is a forum that illustrates the various non-confrontational sides: http://www.greenhybrid.com/discuss/f77/carbon-footprint-prius-battery-all-electric-battery-20736/

    it seems to suggest that the rare-earth materials were more for/from old batteries, and that the tech is moving forward so fast that we don’t even need to worry out little heads about it. hmmf.

    i’m curious to see what ye dig up as the research continues.


  2. Posted by fairyguts on July 9, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Interesting posts! I feel like now I need to find all the new batteries and research their manufacturing process and material sources… Although, most of the supper new and ultra clean batteries are way way too expensive for an at-home-conversion. But, whatever! I just need to get to it, I guess!

    And the urine to power?! LOVE it! Actually, I have a soft spot for fuel cell technology. One of the comments in the news article said “hydrogen is still just an energy storage medium like a battery, rather than a fuel. Why then do we not simply use batteries? ” Which I agree with to an extent… I thought it might be better than the batteries… I had considered using solar or wind power to generate hydrogen as a power storage, rather than the batteries. then I’d use it as gas for heat and cooking as well as powering a car and then converting to electricity with a fuel cell for other house applications. Big problem with hydrogen is its inefficient to create. BUT! There’s that one guy who was able to split water with radio waves and salt water …

    What I need to do is look at all of these and put them into a big SPREADSHEET!!! 😀


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