My MAME: Third

So, while I recovered my composure from the final roller-ball-debacle, I installed a shelf to put the tv on in the case.  In original arcade games, a CRT monitor rests inside a particle board frame.  This monitor doesn’t have a hard case, like we think of when we think of monitors or tvs.  So, there was just a glass screen, tube, and lots of wires and stuff all over.  The cabinet I bought didn’t come with one of these.  So, I had to come up with something that would work with my computer.  I got an big ol’ 22″ CRT monitor from a friend, but it was way too big.  So, a friend volunteered his old 22″ television.  To hold this tv, I needed to install a shelf that would support it at an angle to follow the arcade angle.  Didn’t take much, and the shelf was installed, but the tv tipped back, so I had some metal binding handy and we used it to support the top part of the tv.  My dad helped me slide the tv in the cabinet and accidentally cut his hand on the metal strip.  Poor Dad.

Now the tv is in the cabinet, although it doesn’t fill up the space available for the monitor.  AND, the case is still pretty big and I’d need to cut a hole in the back door so it could be closed.  But, I don’t really want that… What I’d like is an LCD monitor that would just lay in the space available all nice and neat.  I’d need to find a regular old monitor – not wide screen – and it’d need to fit a 23.75 x 23.75″ opening.  Also, I’d need to look into how bad the angle would be on the LCD panel.

BUT – we’ve got a way to look at the games now!  YAHOO!!

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